In popular fiction, a tornado might whisk you away to a colorful land of magic and song. We prefer Sterling Tornado ammunition, however. This potent 12 Gauge shell obliterates its target with a one ounce projectile, suiting it perfectly for hunting medium size game, home defense, and recreational shooting at the range. This shell is loaded with a rifled slug, specifically. That means the lead projectile is surrounded with oblique grooves which enable it to safely clear a smoothbore shotgun’s choke tube. The aerodynamic slug exhibits good in-flight rotational stability courtesy of its hollow base, which places its center of mass toward its tip. A Tornado slug’s hinged wad serves to absorb a noticeable amount of felt recoil as it collapses during ignition. This shell is equipped with a clear plastic hull for ease of identification, as well as a non-corrosive primer and charge of low residue powder. Sterling ammunition is made by Turac of Turkey, a major small arms ammo supplier that exports their goods to over 50 countries worldwide.

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