Pepper Spray Keychain The Guard Dog 1/2 ounce Quick Action pepper spray makes security and protection convenient, safe, effective and appealing. The red pepper ingredient is concentrated to quickly immobilize an assailant and prevent a violent attack with maximum distance defense. The hard case keychain design allows for direct use from the housing with a quick, twist-top actuator and safety slide to prevent accidental discharge. Description: 1/2 Oz Belt Clip Designed with a belt clip Case Design Patented anti-leak hard case model Keychain Keychain ready Distance Defense Stay protected from up to 16' away Expiration Date 4 years Twist-Top Allows for safe and easy operation and prevents accidental discharge UV Identifying Dye Contains invisible UV dye for assailant verification Made in USA Made, assembled and laboratory tested in the U.S.A Protected 4 Life Get FREE pepper spray in the event of use with Guard Dog's Industry Exclusive Program.