The BoreSnake Cleaning Kits include everything you need to clean your firearms while away on a hunting trip, camping or at the range. Light and portable, each kit includes a caliber-specific BoreSnake, 2 oz #9 Solvent, 2-1/4 oz Lubricating Oil, Weatherguard Cloths and a convenient soft sided carrying case. Technical Information Contents: 2 oz Bottle Hoppe's No. 9™ solvent 2 1/4 oz Squeeze bottle lubricating oil 2 anti-rust gun wipe cloths. Packaged in a in a rugged soft-sided case that attaches easily to a belt orfits compactly into a box or a bag. 270 Caliber to 7mm Rifle Bore Snake. Features: Integral bore brush helps remove hard fouling and lead deposits Long section after bore brush works like multiple patches End has brass weight to drop through bore Notes: Bore cleaner may be tight fitting when new. If difficult to pull through bore, it may be easier to step on the exposed end of the bore cleaner and hold it while pulling the firearm. Ensure that you are using the correct Boresnake for the caliber firearm before using this method. Bore cleaner can be washed