The Benelli M1014 has been in service with the Marine Corps for almost 20 years, during that time it has gained a well-deserved reputation for being a reliable and devastating semi-automatic combat shotgun. The M1014 Limited Addition is almost an exact copy of the Corp’s service shotgun and features an American Flag engraved onto the receiver. The stock of the M1014 Limited Addition is skeletonized, but still features an ample recoil pad and cheek rest. it's a Right Hand shotgun. The secret behind the Benelli M1014’s reliability and combat effectiveness is its Auto Regulating Gas Operation (ARGO) system. It utilizes dual stainless steel, self-cleaning pistons that operate directly against the rotating bolt when firing. The advantage of the ARGO system is that it eliminates complex mechanics found in many comparable semi-automatic shotguns that tend to foul up faster and are more difficult to clean. The Benelli M1014 Limited Addition features a Picatinny rail located on the top of the receiver just forward of the shotgun’s Ghost Ring rear sight. The Picatinny rail mount is ideal for mounting reflex or holographic sights like the Trijicon 1x42 Reflex Sight, Aimpoint Mirco S-1 6 MOA Reflex Sight, or the EOTech 512.A65 Holographic Sight. The M1014 is finished with an MIL-SPEC anti-reflective coating that also makes the shotgun highly resistant to corrosion. Features of the Benelli M1014 Limited Addition American Flag Engraving on Receiver MIL-SPEC Anti-Reflective Finish Ghost Ring Iron Sights Ergonomic Pistol Grip Skeletonized Stock ARGO System Picatinny Rail Recoil Pad Cheek Pad

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