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Deer hunting with a 20 Gauge shotgun? Home defense with a 20 Gauge shotgun? Either way you’re going to want this ammo by NobelSport – and there are 10 shells to a box, so you can even afford to miss with a 20 Gauge shotgun!

This shell is loaded with #1 buckshot. Those pellets are only 0.03” smaller in diameter than double-aught, so they still pack an inordinate amount of energy as they sail out of a shotgun at 1,300 fps. Their smaller diameter also lets a 20 Gauge shell fit nine whole pellets of #1 buckshot, too. A thick spread like that is great if you’re trying to overcome thickets during deer season, or quickly incapacitate someone who means to do you great harm.

#1 buckshot is good for home defense in particular. It carries slightly less momentum than 0, 00, or 000 buck, thus leaving it less able to penetrate multiple walls and harm whomever might happen to be standing on the other side of them. NobelSport is based in Italy, and has won a lot of fans despite only having been in business since 1993.